Glenwood Vineyards

20 Feb, 2018

Glenwood Vineyards, one of Franschhoek’s best kept secrets has a new proposition. One that will surely lift the lid on this covert pot of gold. The restaurant boasts one of the most glorious settings in the Franschhoek valley. Their wines literally drip with gold medals and their recently launched new menu provides the ultimate cure for dish-envy.

The welcome drink set the tone for a quality experience. We were offered one of the flagships, the Vigneron’s Selection, a gorgeous chardonnay that goes down like nectar. And our table was crammed with a bountiful array of glasses that gave a strong clue to the fun that lay ahead.

Soon enough an artist’s palette of beautifully created miniatures of the menu appeared before each one of us. Six meals reflecting the six menu options. Framing this work of art were six tasting glasses of wines perfectly paired to the potential meals. A mouth watering explanation of each dish was delivered along with the qualities of the matched wine. This is a try before you buy concept for the discerning. At the end of your tastings you get to choose which main course and which supporting glass of wine you would like. No prescriptiveness or pretentiousness at Glenwood, so you are encouraged to feel free to order any wine with your main …not necessarily the proposed coupling.

The pescatarians had the difficult decision between smoked trout terrine (Sauvignon Semillon’16), caesar salad (Merlot ’16), haloumi baby marrow fritters (Shiraz Vigneron’s Selection ’16), yellowtail ceviche (Chardonnay Unoaked ’16), mushroom stroganoff tagliatelle (Chardonnay Grand Duc ’15) or a beetroot and goat’s cheese tart (Syrah Grand Duc ’14). The carnivores wrestled between the ceviche or the smoked trout terrine as per the pescatarian menu or tackling the tricky decision between “the rugby snack, ostrich biltong as a main” (Syrah Grand Duc ’15), chicken legs (Chardonnay Grand Duc ’15), chicken caesar salad (Merlot ’16) and rump steak (Shiraz Vigneron’s Selection ’16).

A deliciously happy experience that calls for repeat visits to sample more from the seasonal and ever-changing menu.

Phone them 021 876 2044

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