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26 Jan, 2018

As Wikipedia tells us … “An effect can in turn be a cause of, or causal factor for, many other effects, which all lie in its future.”

The mixologists of this new bar have taken this premise to heart and soul and beaker and pipette and bunsen burner…. I in turn am hoping that much of my future lies in Cause Effect, our newest (and closest) Experiential Cocktail Kitchen & Brandy Bar.

On a sun-drenched Tuesday, the golden light inside Cause Effect drew us in like a negative ion to a positive anode. A warm and welcoming bar-like spirit says linger and the cocktail kitchen with an apothecary of ingredients says explore. So we did.

Our barkeepers advised and recommended with a gravitas befitting the quasi-lab environment. The menu is like a field trip through our region’s finest …. foraged from bush to vineyards to ocean and from the best in indigenous distilleries with a special bow to brandy, the Cape spirit overflowing with heritage. While not even an upscale version of brandy and coke dared to cross the parchment pages of the menu, I did notice the Boerie Roll. A cocktail by the people for the people that features braai boerewors brandy, wild dagga tomato bitters, onion sugar and coriander bread. This is going to be a roll to remember.

However my inner child stamped her foot for Nelly The Elephant. This, the perfect drink to complement my playful nature, was made with orange husk marmalade, medium sherry, orange bitters, step5 gin and pineapple. Best of all she was served in a ceramic smiling-elephant mug complete with blue candy floss hair.

The Cape Negroni on Tap is a local celebration of a classic and features Wilderer Gin, Caperitif, Bitter Aperitif, and Spicy Naartjie Bitters. The Methode Cap Classique Cocktail is another crowd-pleaser rendered with brandy and bitters from the ‘hood. The selection bedazzles and I cannot wait to return to sample more like The Tree of Life and The Ghost in The Mist but most of all I am having The Boerie Roll.

A statement of mission from the team at Cause Effect: “Our menu has been created to charm and bemuse, may it inspire you to drink better and laugh harder”.

I think they have made a breakthrough.

Find them at
2A Park Road

See you there

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