5 Dec, 2017

Salty sea dogs rejoice for there is a new spot to drop your anchors. And for all my crew mates in oyster-philia, there is even better news on the radar.

SeaBreeze serves the freshest harvests from Knysna, Luderitz and Saldanha and everyday at noon and seventeen hundred it is Happy Hour. At “Ten Bucks a Shuck”, this is the most aphrodisiacal deal in ‘Town.

SeaBreeze on Bree breathes some light and fresh air into this ever-changing street. The marine theme is subtly and stylishly executed creating an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and accessible. In the evenings, it is suitably romantic and convivial while by day it invites both the casual passerby or the be-suited legal-types from a few blocks away.

The menu is a sea foodie’s dream come to shore. This pescatarian got all glassy-eyed in trying to choose from oysters, grilled prawns, angelfish taco, seared tuna, a classic rendering of fish and chips, Saldanha Bay mussels in Cape Malay curry sauce or the tuna burger with crispy onions and house cut chips. However, being hooked on fish pie from an early age, this was the natural choice to have land on my plate. Chock-full of fishy tastiness, a poached egg lurked in the middle and the crispiest in phyllo topped off this ultimate catch. Carnivores get a token nod in the form of a rib-eye and I have no doubt it will be delectable but with what else is on offer, I predict not too many strikes.

The wine list pairs perfectly and there were enough bubbles by the glass to keep me sparkling. Splash out with the Camissa rosé from Avondale or go everyday-quaffable with a Ken Forrester Chenin Blanc. Craft beer and a couple of Springfield Wild Yeast Chardonnays made themselves welcome at our table.

So take the bait, pack your finest rods, collect some chums and cast away to Sea Breeze. See you there. I’m hooked.

Call 074 793 9349

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