The Avocado Bar

21 Nov, 2017

We found ourselves assembling with the crowd as the Romans pounded their cobbled streets to a high shine en route to the city’s first Avocado bar. Tucked away on the very edges of trendy Monti lay this tiny green oasis specialising in the world’s favourite superfood.

Seasonally sourcing only the best at their ripened perfection, The Avocado Bar is a tiny emporium dedicated to showcasing the fruit in all it’s creamiest glory. While the chefs are high on innovation, they take a deep bow to the importance of avocado toast. Globally revered as an iconic coupling, this staple is rendered three ways on any given day. On our visit, the options were the “Explosión” which involved an egg, the Corazón with swordfish and light lemon mayonnaise and my favourite, the “Rosa del Paraíso” that layered the avo with ricotta, red hummus and crumbled hazelnuts. The toast itself was typically something seedy yet light and delicious.

The menu showcases the fruit also known as the alligator pear across four categories; starters, specials, toast and dessert. It is under specials where the real star quality of the avocado comes to fruition. And in particular with the simply named “Hamburguesa Di Salmón”. Two avo halves take up the bun role while ricotta, red onion and rocket perform the supporting acts. Smoked salmon stars as the lead but the entire cast is a winning combination especially when teamed with an unfiltered craft beer known as called Ichnuso.

Considering there is seating for only 10 or 12; arrive on the cusp of the lunchtime trade or have them package up your loot for takeaway. Demolish and devour overlooking the Imperial Forums just steps away …… an unbeatable and repeatable Roman experience.


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