Bar Hemingway

16 Mar, 2018

With more bars per capita than any other European city, Madrid’s culture of a tapas and a drink make going out the lifestyle norm. So why would you have a secret bar? It turned out that the clandestine drinking establishment was to be a rare yet rewarding find requiring a little more sleuthing.

But through the foyer of a hotel, on through a restaurant and into the beautifully retro toilets (black and white tiles) and out through the back door of the restrooms; we found Bar Hemingway. The perfect find in a city so celebrated through the life and work of Don Ernesto (as he was known to the Spanish). Here hid a prohibition-styled bar that the great writer himself had frequented during his many visits to Madrid (“the most Spanish of all cities”). Complete with low lighting, a plush leopard print carpet, cosy seating and an unbeatable bar counter, this was a discovery to remember and share with the right sort of people. And to order a Martinez: Seagram’s Gin, Marrasquino, Vainilla, Vermut Blanco, Vermut Rojo and Bitters Aromáticos.

Get your covert cocktails here….
Calle del Marqués de Casa Riera, 4

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