7 Feb, 2017

In Ethiopia I was mistaken for PJ Powers. Now while there are some similarities between us …. blonde, blue-eyed, female, South African..there are also some key differences. I can’t sing or dance and in fact have no rhythm at all.

Not only was I mistaken for PJ but I was taken into friendly “custody” for further questioning. The police, airport officials and bystanders were so extremely excited to meet “me” that my main fear was disappointing them and even more chilling being asked to sing.

“You sang the stop-apartheid song!”, everyone agreed except me. My passport was taken away for a closer look. Eventually it was reluctantly decided that in fact I was not Ms Powers and I was released to go on my way and board my domestic flight. Unconvinced glances in my direction followed me all the way down the tarmac.

It felt like the walk of shame yet not as shameful as if I had actually tried to sing a song.

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