The Selous

31 Jan, 2017

Because we were with people who knew people, our dinner table was a candlelit affair in the bush. There was nothing ordinary about this safari camp deep in the heart of the Selous but the regular guests were seated in the usual dining room while us, as temporary VIP’s, were treated to something special.

We could hear a posh and plummy voice coming from the bar above “But, who are they?”. We smiled and decided this occasion called for a sense of occasion. Plastic tiaras trimmed with faux feathers and tiny battery-operated fairy lights just happened to be in the luggage. Essential packing for safaris and other adventures when one should expect the unexpected and be able to quickly dress accordingly.

On went the headgear as we sat down at our beautiful bush table. The waiter assumed an expression of nonchalance as he took our drinks order.

However as we heard later, he dropped his composure completely when he got into the kitchen, shouting excitedly for the manager.

“Bwana, bwana; there are some beauty queens here.
…. …. But from some time ago”.

The manager could not resist telling us what the waiter had said.

We introduced ourselves.
“Miss Bechuanaland”
“Miss Northern Rhodesia”.

The Selous is the biggest game reserve in Africa and its diversity of terrain and vegetation make for a truly memorable safari.

Pack your tiara ….

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