Café Roux

23 Feb, 2017

So as my friends from the ‘burbs know, we don’t ever venture to the Shallow South (also known as the Southern Suburbs), let alone the Deep South… but for just one spot we have suffered some FOMO… a place filled with live music by our favourite bands. It was tempting but a step too far.

No longer! For all of us city bowlers who absolutely could not cross the lentil curtain to Noordhoek, there is some good news.

Café Roux has come to us and it is rocking our tiny world.

What better than a bespoke live music venue right in the heartland of the City. With bars left and right and Café Roux’s cocktail gins, fine wines and Striped Horses in-between, this hotspot is up-ending our school-nights and blurring our work days.

So we became card-carrying fans overnight. From Nik Rabinowitz to Alice Phoebe Lou to Lonesome Dave and to Jack Parow, we have become multi-genre groupies but most of all we are Café Roux groupies.

And I have been collecting pearls of performance wisdom …..

From the best crooning cowboy this side of Nashville, we learnt from Lonesome Dave ,
“It is a universal truth, ladies and gentlemen, that the first one on the dance floor is the least equipped to own it”. Be warned fellow bopsters.

From Alice Phoebe Lou, our very own busker from Berlin, a truism;
“I want to live like I mean it. I want to take it not leave it.”

From Nik who is super-in-tune with the lentil curtain we learn that he may have crochet’d his own underpants at the Waldorf school? Plus he is turning 40 so should be planning a midlife crisis but 40 is the new 30 so what now?

And finally a message from me, the girl who worked in Parow for 27 years:
As I tucked myself into his armpit for a selfie, I could finally say that the only Parow left in my life was Jack. But everything else is too rude to say, except coolasekke.


Find the latest line-up on their website:

Cape Town

74 Shortmarket Street (between loop and Long)

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