The Gin Bar

8 Mar, 2016

Heart, Soul, Ambition and Head. Four gin cocktails with curative qualities. I chose the Heart with its warm, comforting notes of Inverroche Amber Gin, Rosemary, Strawberry, Orange & Cloves with Fevertree Tonic. Two thirsty glugs and I knew I had found a prescription for the faint-hearted, the broken-hearted and the big-hearted. Next it was time to try the Ambition. One sip and a guilty thought crossed my mind. This is a morning drink, full of zing and spring in the step. It is an energetic ladder-climbing blend of Woodstock Inception Gin, Thyme, Cucumber, Cinnamon and Fevertree Elderflower tonic. A gin to take on the world, a Monday morning gin, a gin for a hacker, an innovator and an entrepreneur. Luckily the Gin Bar only opens at 5.30pm Wednesday to Saturday; Ambition will have to wait.

The previously-secret-now-discovered Gin Bar of Wale Street lies behind the Honest Chocolate Shop and luckily for us every uber driver worth a juniper berry knows exactly where it is. Walking through the chocolate shop, do not look left or right or you may cave in and go cocoa. You are here for the gin remedies remember. Emerging from the back of the chocolate emporium you will find yourself in a quaint courtyard that oozes charm and breathes elements of Paris, Marrakech, Zanzibar and Cape Town all at once. The Victorian-inspired bar beckons where you will find a cardiologist, a priest, a career counsellor and a shrink to order by the glass. All highly recommended.

The Gin Bar
64A Wale Street

Wednesday – Saturday, 5.30pm – late

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