Brownies & downieS

18 Feb, 2016

Eating a brownie served by a downie. A beaming Kevin arrived my table with a platter of decadence. This work of art was his first time at plating and only his second day at work. Two solid triangles of chocolate-heaven, artfully drizzled with caramel, scattered with cocoa gravel and sneaking in on the side, a generous blob of cream. Kevin is one of the team of Down’s Syndrome youngsters at “Brownies & downieS”, a daytime restaurant providing job opportunities for the intellectually handicapped. Opening only ten days ago, the place was already abuzz. The kind, the curious and the casual passer-by were filling every available table in this fresh new space. The team have crafted an extensive and well-priced menu ranging from smoked salmon and scrambled in a croissant for breakfast across sandwiches, burgers and salads to the hot home-made meal of the day (think lasagne, bobotie or Durban curry).

Wendy, founder and head social worker, hails from the Netherlands where Brownies & downieS is a successful franchise with about thirty outlets. Inspired to start a similar concept in Cape Town, she used her Dutch support base and fundraising to leapfrog her to opening in the busiest corner of Lower Long Street and it already looks as if she will be successfully sustainable.

High fives and smiles are the order of the day. The Truth coffee is great but the happiness fix is better.

2 Long Street
021 200 0459

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