Sleep in a painting

15 Feb, 2016

Fall asleep in a painting. At Eryk’s place you can literally stay in Van Gogh’s “Bedroom in Arles”. A ten square metre space complete with antique bed, easels and unfinished artworks, a coat, a hat, a red bedspread and of course a starry night painted on the ceiling. The 120cm by 190cm bed is not designed for the tall and for a double, a night of loved-up spooning is recommended. Eryk makes sure you walk a humorous line between reality and fantasy, slipping seamlessly between 1888 and 2016. In order to book you must first send an e-mail to enquire about availability but a real life handwritten letter must be sent to “Vincent” afterwards in order to confirm your stay. When last did you write one of those and even better when last did you receive a beautifully penned letter, least of all one signed “Cordialement, Vincent.” Finally 50Euro’s to Paypal secures your dreamy stay in Van Gogh’s bedroom. It may be one of your quirkiest stays but equally a sojourn “chez Eryk” will be one of your warmest, most local, most delicious and most authentique experiences. In true French style our host was prescriptive, almost bossy as to where we should buy croissants, drink coffee, sip wine, eat our meals and procure cheese and ham. From the Saturday morning market to the bakery and to the bistro’s, guests of Eryk are welcomed as warmly as long lost and loved friends. We tasted local small scale wines, ate seasonal meals of unimaginable deliciousness, ripped apart chewy, yeasty baguettes filled with cheese and slurped oysters on the pavements.

The light in Arles captivated Vincent van Gogh and his paintings from this time were drenched in yellow, ultramarine and mauve. Don’t miss this landscape, the warmth of the welcome and the indulgent immersion that is Arles.

Drop Eryk a line and pen some parchment to Vincent
L’Aubergine Rouge
23 rue Waldeck Rousseau
13200 Arles

The unmissables:
Chez Madame Pichon, the bakery with the most delicious croissants that will ever dissolve in your mouth. Just two blocks from L’Aubergine Rouge.

La Fée Gourmande
3 Rue Dulau

Le Gibolin
13 Rues Des Porcelets

Le Criquet
17 Rue Porte de Laure

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