Little Saint

3 Feb, 2016

Order the Green Machine! Health in a glass while staying true to the Little Saint ethos of goodness, honesty and deliciousness. Made with spinach, coconut water, lime, ginger and green apple, this is a machine to jump start your day.

Little Saint is the newest freshman on the upper Bree Street block and fresh pretty much sums it up. Owners Dominique and Santi (Santi is short for Santiago which means little saint) renovated, decorated and opened up this space in a record-breaking seven weeks (they must have been fuelled by the Green Machine). Their passion and focus is seasonal, sustainable, good-for-you, tasty, homestyle food. Dominique comfortingly adds that we should let her worry about the healthiness and the origins of the food while her customers should simply relax and indulge. One bite of that cucumber and tomato salsa and I was sold. Half of my tastebuds landed in Mykonos while the other half channelled Tuscany.

True to the spirit of Bree Street and its’ sometimes fallen angels, breakfast is served all day. Go trad with a twist and order the eggs, bacon, avocado and sweet potato sautés or smile and revisit old friends such as avocado mash on toast or boiled eggs and troupes. And do not miss out on celebrating Santi’s heritage with the Spanish Omelette (sweet potato tortilla). Lunch is cunningly crafted to de-stress those who have been making decisions all day. Here the choices are simple, speedy and satisfying. A salad or a sandwich? Add triple cooked pork, minute steak, minted lamb, tomato and herb chicken, sautéed vegetables or poached egg and bacon. Rye, sourdough or seed. Done.

Little Saint opens on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for dinner. In the evenings the emphasis is on special. Friendly, romantic, calming and welcoming, the ambiance simply works without trying too hard. The small menu changes with the cycles of harvest. Tempting dishes such as spicy calamari or beetroot and stilton salad, triple cooked pork belly with sweet potato purée, minted lamb on creamed spinach and poached pear pudding with cream give some clues as what to expect. Wine choices are fresher too with each month showcasing a lesser known wine farm who subscribes to the same of spirit of sustainability and quality.

Happily things are not all too saintly. A selection of spirits are on offer and a cocktail menu entitled little sinners will be launched soon.
223 Bree Street

Call them on
079 243 9179

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