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24 Mar, 2016

Bouchon’s website casually states … “Complementing the wine offering is a weekly menu that boasts uncomplicated seasonal tapas”. Certainly a very humble understatement. The artichoke and pea risotto with truffle oil was a thing of beauty way beyond the possibilities of the common kitchen. Add grilled cajun spiced sardines, pork rillette with gherkins, beef cubes with béarnaise and I was ready to close my kitchen, put the KitchenAid on gumtree and decamp to 95 Hout Street. And with tapas plates ranging between R52 and R68, it makes economic sense to give up cooking all together.

Bistro Bouchon is placed right in the heart of the Dorrance urban winery. A space that is at once warm, friendly, special and satisfyingly close to great vats of star-studded wines. The wine list celebrates a carefully chosen array of local and international treasures. The setting however begs a dabble into the world of Dorrance and it would be sinful to miss the Kama Chenin Blanc. There is always the opportunity of a return visit where your guided wine safari can cross the Liesbeeck or the border for more adventures.

95 Hout Street
Cape Town
For reservations call them on 021 422 0695
or send a mail to

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