Coffee & Cake at the Zille Villa

13 Apr, 2015

When Oranjezicht’s beloved city farm market in Homestead Park in Upper Orange Street was shut down Premier Helen Zille didn’t miss a beat and invited the market lock stock and barrel into her garden. Three massive tents are now permanently erected on her pristine lawns and I have to say the market is a whole lot more fun. Zille is generous and likes to share. As my friend pointed out, she probably wouldn’t mind if you arrived early and had a cup of tea with her in bed. So on Market Day you can swim in her pool, play tennis on her tennis courts and I bet she wouldn’t mind if you picked her roses. I left the market smiling with snapshots captured in my mind: children turning somersaults on lawns strewn with hay bales, a baby wearing sunglasses and dancing to a band thumping out reggae, families settling in with rugs and fold-up chairs, a Pomeranian taking a dump in the flower beds … everyone was just having a good time. I suppose one ought to mention the food since that is the point of the market. It’s very, very good. I had a beetroot and macadamia nut cake and I’m still thinking about it. But mostly I’m thinking about our Premier and wishing that all our MPs were like her.

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