A retreat & a treat

16 Apr, 2015

Ras Kutani
A retreat and a treat, this beach bolt-hole is not far from the bustle of Dar es Salaam

A plane, a jeep and finally a row boat on a blue lagoon… your vehicles of arrival at Ras Kutani mirror your removal from busyness to an oasis of charm and relaxation. Kick off your shoes and leave them off. Shoelessness is not only possible but encouraged with strategically placed ponds of fresh water to wash the sand from your freshly pedi’d toes. Padding softly down sandy paths framed with low white washed walls, your Ras Kutani meanders can only lead to good things. An endless beach to sigh for, a heavenly spa, a floppable lounge, sundowners in the sand, lime-dressed lobster and coconut-crusted snapper for supper and finally to sleep in your breeze-blown bedroom.

The superb beach that allows ninety minutes of walking in near solitude is the raison d’être of Ras Kutani and a reason for repeated returns. Whether you chose to gaze upon it or traverse it daily at dawn, the shoreline is a visual feast and a sight to revive tired eyes. The glorious indoor-outdoor living space takes in both lagoon and sea views. Here overstuffed cushions line low slung sofas that invite some near-horizontal down time with a good book and a tall cocktail in hand.

Barefoot beach chic at its best.


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