Your wish-list realised

21 Apr, 2015

Your wish-list realised at White Sand in Zanzibar
Spoiling intensive and the ultimate luxurious indulgence

The creators of White Sand Luxury villas and Spa have a deep cerebral understanding of a traveller’s needs and desires. It feels as if they have thought of your every need just seconds before it crossed your mind. The owners are frequent global voyagers and have distilled the best of the best into one magnificent expanse. So this is the A to Z of luxury from gorgeous aesthetics to a generous indulgence in space.

Getting horizontal presents many choices in your private villa. The rooftop lounge area, the hanging day bed, the sun loungers on the veranda, the laid-back sofas in the livingroom, the cool bedroom itself or possibly even a trip to your dedicated beach beds via your own private path. Equally bath time delivers some tricky decisions. An outside rain shower with sunbirds in attendance, bubbles in the outdoor tub or simply an indoor power shower? Taking a dip involves some appraisal of the situation too. Will it be the ocean, the enormous resort pool, your own amply proportioned private pool or your elevated jacuzzi (if you have the presidential suite)?

Sandy tinted pathways meander amongst the colourful gardens set in bright white sand. The sense of space and attention to privacy means that the resort feels uninhabited with the only crowds being the vibrant and vocal birdlife. Yet as the sun sets, those who are not dining-in head for the bar, the rooftop terrace and the restaurant veranda to enjoy cocktails, fine wines and delicious local fare. The atmosphere is warm, stylish and chatty.

White Sand lies on the magnificent Paje beach. Long, lazy beach walks are a highlight but for the more adventurous Paje is a kite surfers paradise. A shallow sea with a steady breeze make this the perfect spot to either hone your skills or take one-on-one lessons. Adjacent to the resort is one of the very best in kite surfing schools complete with a cool beach bar serving smoothies and stronger stuff.

To complete the circle of indulgence, the spa is carefully crafted for extreme pampering. Luxuriate in wafts of coconut oil, seaweed and Zanzibari spices.

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