Chocolate-dipped fish

11 Apr, 2015

Remote, romantic and rare. True to the authentic deserted island experience, your arrival is a well orchestrated adventure. A small plane, a trailer towed by a motorbike, a row boat and finally a speedboat are your modes of transport before you place your bare foot upon this island idyll. And barefoot you will want to remain.

Untouched, undiscovered and unspoilt, Fanjove Private Island is a nature-lover’s paradise. Thousands of migratory birds line the beaches, crabs dive for cover at your every footfall and the secrets of a colourful ocean life lie within swimming distance. Only one kilometre by three hundred metres in size, the island is completely uninhabited save for a few lucky guests and the thoughtful staff.

Each of the six beach bandas revel in a sense of privacy with superb design and ample nods to comfort. The highlight of the open plan bathroom is a central shower space and it’s the perfect place to end a day of saltwater, sand and sunshine. The view from the bed is an ever-changing seascape of more blues than you ever believed possible. In the nighttime theatre of Fanjove, birdsong takes the supporting role and lighting is provided by moonshine and starlight. Sleep comes peacefully to the sound of waves in the eternal ebb and flow of tides.

The beaches of Fanjove are of unimaginable beauty encircled by hallucinogenic blue-shaded waters. A magnificent sand bank punctuates the horizon with swimming opportunities at all tides. And when your snorkelling and swimming are done, palm-fringed umbrellas guarding generous loungers beckon the faithful to some serious down time – with a cocktail or two.

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