Salvador Bachiller

12 Feb, 2019

The sleuth of clandestine bars digs up some hidden treasure in a secret garden. 

El secreto jardin de Salvador Bachiller looks down on one of the busiest xylems in the heart of the Spanish capital. This covetable discovery can be made on the rooftop of a four-storey accessories and homeware shop brimming with credit-card-crinkling eye-candy. But stay true to the mission, avert your eyes, enter the minuscule lift and hit the button for the top floor. 

As the doors snap open with a claustrophobia-liberating clang, you are delivered into a little green jungle atop the urban jungle of Madrid’s busiest shopping street. A living wall runs the length of this city oasis, hanging foliage frames the service area and potted ivy towers with candle-occupied birdcages intersperse the tables. This is a garden for all seasons and all humans. We were warmed by overhead heaters and seated between an 8-seater of silver foxes and a table for two love-struck students. Green charm and calm rest here; covertly luxuriating in a tropical oasis dotted with wicker chairs, friendly waiters and a menu full of rejuvenation. 

La Cibeles Rubia was our beer of choice and what a lucky local find. Pale amber in colour, light and refreshing on the palate, this was the iconic lunchtime beer for a secret bar in a secret green house garden. The time of the day called for post Museo del Prado hydration and a refuel. Our meals were delicious and far far away from tapas-sized. We demolished giant burgers, handcut fries and tacos but there was more to be noted for next time. 

At night the garden twinkles with low lights and sometimes some live vibes so this would be the time to give the cócteles a whirl. I’m sold. See you there. 

Sleuth it out at 37 Calle Montera 

tel: +34 91 431 08 11


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