Vinoteca Vides

28 Oct, 2018

Locals in the know had determinedly squeezed us into this cosy wine bar with promises of viticultural travels accompanied by a pheasant in balsamic marinade.

It turned out that the evening would be much more than a fowl in a casserole with a glass of vino. 

We were to be intimately introduced and deeply educated in the appreciation of Spanish wines. Vinoteca Vides pops the corks on more than 40 fine wines by the glass and if you are ordering bottles, there are over 100 from which to choose. 

So much more than a wine bar, Vinoteca Vides made us feel as if we had been welcomed to the home of a passionate and knowledgeable wine-making and wine-loving family. The choices were daunting so we handed over the decisions to Vicente. He was delighted to guide us and we quaffed our way through Spanish Wine101 in a few hours. Glass by glass, our syllabus took in the complexity, diversity and outstanding quality of the countries’ lesser known wines. 

We explored varietals, blends and regions that were completely new territory for the palate and the nose.

The carnivores devoured the bird while I journeyed through a platter of Manchego cheeses. 

Be sure to drop by Vicente’s Vinoteca Vides next time you are in Madrid and let him call the “shots”. 

Calle Libertad 12 | 28004 Madrid

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