31 Jul, 2017

Fancying a trip to Bali but don’t have the time or the ticket? Head on over to Nourish’d and soak up some warm rays of health, happiness and friendship. Tash, Mel, T.I. and Al will make sure you walk away a-glowing.

On a corner off Kloof Street in what was once two junk-filled storerooms below our favourite pizza joint now lies a lovingly-recreated palm-fronded precinct of joy….. serving smoothies, juices, outrageous sarmies and much much more including matcha! Tash and Mel are at hand to welcome you; brimming with health and sincerity and passion for their mission which is to nourish you, educate you and inspire you. Judging by the steady footfall of myself and other groupies, they are succeeding. Every health food trend you have ever and never heard of is featured on the menu and I am slowly working my way through them.

My morning runs finish with great gulps of their charcoal-infused help-your-self water and follow with further hydration decisions. Warm days call for “Feelin’ the Beet of my Heart”, a cold-pressed juice of beetroot, apple, lemon, ginger, carrot and mint. Call a shot if you like and choose from Black Grit (Activated Charcoal, Green Pepper and Lime), Hyen Cayenne, The Hot Shot (Ginger, Lime, Turmeric, Black Pepper) or Wheatgrass.

On cooler days my heart beats for a warming cup of coffee. Al makes a mean cappuccino but I have been persuaded to give the Matcha Latte and the Red Spiced Chai Latte a spin too. The steaming green is a novelty in itself, the effect is almost as buzzy and happy although I may not become a full-time convert just yet.

One look, one sip of one of the smoothies and you will join the fan club. My all-time favourite, Gone Green is a blend of Kale, Avocado, Banana, Hemp protein, Ginger, Dates and Almond Mylk. Just one word; Nourish’d!

Go and nibble, sip, glug and devour your way through the menu.

See you there soon!

The Garage
Corner of Kloof and Hof

Even more rare there is ample and free parking (and an excellent car wash).

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