Big Dog Café

19 Jun, 2017

Unleash your inner dog at my new kennel of choice. In a small town full of big eating choices, the Big Dog Café will blow your ears back. This newly opened café restaurant is owned and operated by Terbodore Coffee Roasters so the finest in coffee is simply a given. That said, it was the food that was the real surprise. I arrived with the previous weekend’s special in my mind …Vanilla bean French toast, toasted almonds, local berries, Franschhoek honey and bread and butter pudding ice cream …. but a glance at the menu had my snout twitching with indecision. Luckily the dish that denies dish-envy was there too. I had sniffed out the DIY breakfast full of amazing add-ons from bacon to eggs-any-style, to avo and smoked salmon trout. I muffled a little yelp of happiness. My partner settled for the fried chicken and waffles. It went down doggy-style; wolfed, inhaled, barely chewed, in silence. This is a menu that begs for a return visit or two or three or weekly.

The purpose built space is light, cosy and invites a long linger. Glass doors lead out into a garden full of colour and foliage offering al-fresco seating on the deck or under the trees. The only thing missing is the lazy Great Danes, the brand ambassadors of Terbodore Coffee (but coming soon we hear).

Saturday’s punters ranged from the town’s local dogs to city breeds many of whom arrived with unleashed puppies. It is definitely kid-friendly and most especially on a sunny day.

The Big Dog Café is on the perimeter of Franschhoek and would make for a very pleasant walk from the village on a clear day. They are open every day except Sunday for breakfast, lunch, the finest in coffee and shopping (coffee, of course).

See you there soon
191 Main Road Franschhoek

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