At Dapper Coffee Co.

4 Apr, 2017

Gleaming machines from the past line up on the pristine floors of the showroom that is the home of Dapper Coffee Co.

If your cash or credit stretch far enough, you may be able to drive away in a classic car along with some bags of croissants and coffee.

The corner of Bree and Strand hosts this unique café where you may devour some scrambled and crispy bacon while selecting your next equally delectable motoring machine.

In the spirit of restoration, there is even a DIY build-your-own breakfast. The rest of the menu will surprise as it is definitely not the greasy tucker of the traditional petrolhead.

Dishes as trendy as its Bree Street address include a super food bowl fuelled to the brim with kale, quinoa, ricotta, cashews and eggs done any style. This is something to keep the engine running all day. I did not look back.

In a street that takes it’s beans seriously, the coffee at Dapper is right up there with the best and is more than good enough to pop a bag or two into the shopping trolley (along with that Porsche or Pagoda).


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