29 Aug, 2016

In a city artery dominated by cheek to cheek coffee shops, burgers and bars, the people of Kloof Street have long waited for an authentic ice-cream shop. Quality stuff for hot days and hotter nights. Finally Unframed has landed, conclusively delivering the real thing. Housed in a laboratorial space that says we take the business of the creamy stuff seriously. So seriously that an almost formal tasting should precede the rush to purchase. Licking and savouring is taken with a gravitas deserving of this frozen treat. The tendency to blow the T buds with sea salt chocolate (which I had locked my eyes onto) is tempered and you are advised to start light with a sorbet-style and finish heavy with the likes of Nuttikrust.

The menu spans fresh and light vegan options such as matcha tea and jasmine rice lemongrass, all the way to eye-poppingly richness in flavours such as peanut butter and burnt white chocolate. Flavours will change often and flex based on demand so weekly visits are compulsory in order to avoid any FOMO.

Hip, friendly and passionate about product, the front of house dudes are genuinely interested in making your ice-cream an experience.

Unframed lies at 45C Kloof Street, has friendly opening hours and a comfortingly the-more-you-buy-the-more-you-save policy.

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