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16 Aug, 2016

Navigate the murky backstreets of the East Village to find Mud, a puddle of perfection in the world of percolation. Not only will the coffee make you purr with pleasure but you will find a menu that contains everything you ever wanted but didn’t as yet know you wanted. So starting simply, The Superstar Sandwich at $7 is a jaw dropping showstopper with Nutella, sliced banana and honey on sourdough. The French Breakfast proposes scrambled egg and cheddar cheese on a croissant with optional add-ons of bacon, sausage or avocado or all three, of course. Huevos Rancheros delivers in forkfuls with two sunny side up eggs, corn tostado, rice and beans, avocado and pico de gallo with the possibility of cheddar, queso fresco or jalapeño on the side. The heathy sounding Mud 5 Grain Breakfast Sandwich is a couple of hunks of toast filled to busting with scrambled egg, pickled jalapeño, cheddar, sliced avocado and Mud hot sauce. There are many more but the Plantain Cake Breakfast deserves a special mention. A sunny side up egg lies atop a warm plantain cake with avocado, fresh ricotta, basil olive oil and a side of baby arugula.

Unsurprisingly, coming from an establishment so in tune with the psyche of the hungry, breakfast is served all day and they are open from soon after dawn until midnight.

But it is as clear as Mud, the faithful are here for the heart-racingly delicious coffee. If like me you come from a Mud-less land, be sure to buy armfuls of the stuff to take home.

307 East 9th Street
East Village, NYC

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