Lying low at The Casbah

7 Sep, 2015

With a North African name, a sunhat-shaped roof, feet-in-the-sand rustic benches outside, tiffany lamps inside; The Casbah is a happy study in contrasts that works as surprisingly as a magic carpet. Lying low on a beach of achingly beautiful vistas, this beach bar is unmissable. The hat-shaped roof is surrounded by bedouin tent meets Crusoe beach-style design and the unaffected bar comfortingly takes centre stage for thirsty travellers, kite-surfers and bikini’d beach floppers. Add a braai on Friday nights with pap and wors to an ever-changing tapas menu featuring items as sophisticated as deep-fried broccoli dusted in parmesan and rolled in bacon bits. Now you know why we love the cultural casserole that is Africa.

If your barefoot toes refuse to leave this sublime piece of shoreline, then book yourself a dreamy bedroom for as long as you can.
If you’re overcome with the romance of the moment and find yourself popping the question, The Casbah can arrange the ultimate in beach wedding bells.

Find them in Vilanculos Bay, Mozambique

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