Au Petit Fer à Cheval

21 Jul, 2015

A bar for bo bo’s, hipsters and all

The exclusivity of Au Petit Fer à Cheval is rendered more by its pony-sized space than by any hint of exclusion. Friendly, low-key yet so hip, you may find the world famous trend-forecaster Li Edelkoort sipping a glass of wine at the horse-shoe shaped bar. Its situation in the midst of the fabulous Rue Vieille du Temple makes Au Petit Fer à Cheval the perfect watering post between the hubbub of Rue de Bretagne and the shopping of Rue du Rivoli. Surely one of the coolest and smallest bars in all of Paris, the doors first opened in 1903 and its proposition continues today. It’s shabby boho-chic vibe lives on with the original zinc bar, arty posters and a tolerance for the long café linger.

Au Petit Fer à Cheval
30 Rue Vieille du Temple

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