True Italic

29 Jul, 2015

If you can’t afford a European holiday this Cape Town winter then go with the next best thing. An express Italian stay-cation at True Italic restaurant in Bree Street. Owned and run by brother and sister duo, Natasha and Luca, it is a classic osteria filled with warmth, laughter and exceptional eating. Bask in the glow of Natasha’s warm welcome, sunny nature and melodious accent. Throw caution to the north-wester and order a luscious bottle of Italian wine.

This rustic eatery nestles slightly incongruously amongst construction sites and glass skyscrapers at the business end of the Street. On entering it feels as if you have truffled out a secret find, a small patch of Italian sunshine in the midst of our city. The long and narrow space maximises the visual effect of the beautiful raw brick walls and creates a beckoning flow. Walls, counters and surfaces are peppered with Italian paraphernalia that further secure your Latin immersion.

It is the food however that is the high point of this mini-Mediterranean holiday. Small menu’s created by chef-owned restaurants are a sure sign of good things to come. Every dish is exactingly chosen for its fresh relevance on the day and is passionately crafted. Here are some highlights. Try to read this without swallowing hard. The Parmigiana is an intense dish of richly layered deep-fried aubergine, robust Napoletana sauce and the very best in parmesan with mozzarella crust. The homemade gnocchi is as light as a puff of cumulonimbus and appears each evening in a new guise. Last night’s was teamed with a taste-bud charming mélange of fresh artichokes, asparagus, zucchini, carrots, aubergine, onions cooked in Napoletana sauce and Caccioricotta cheese. The gnocchi with red Sicilian sauce topped with a lamb chop was wolfed, the beef sirloin tagliata was inhaled and lavish compliments accompanied the demolition of the fresh artichoke lasagne.

Chocolate cake with marscapone cream was the maraschino on top of this glorious gelato of an evening.

True Italic
15 Bree Street
Call them on 021 418 7655

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