Bobby’s Free

22 Oct, 2019

Glowing and gleaming in the evening light Bobbys Free promises some classy grooming in its retro-style barber shop premises. However if you have pitched up for a beard trim, a shave and a haircut, you have been understandably misled by the polished mirrors, shining leather seats and luxurious looking badger brushes. All of this is the elaborate cover for a very covert bar. 

Whisper the password to the stylist who we now realise is faux and part of the subterfuge. With the sweetest most complicit smile she invited us to step toward the back mirror which smoothly gave way to conduit us into a gloriously vintage speakeasy. This is a secret bar full of smiling conjurers of liquid pleasure. Warm lighting teamed with plush fabrics and well crafted seating nooks make for a space that says “stay, order another”. So we did. 

The cocktail and drinks menu is vast but helped along by the explanations and recommendations of the waiting staff. Once you notice the passion and creative expertise of the cocktail makers, it seems rude to order a simple G&T although even that is delivered with a master craftsman’s touch. Page on to The Experience section of the menu where the unique individuality of Bobby’s Free gets let loose. Theatre and the art of mixology meet in the The Mex Fashion which caught my eye. If Mezcal Vida is involved, I’m in. This rendition is presented in a smoky crystal bell with vanilla and cherry scent and is literally sensational. Bobby’s Kiss is another signature drink designed for the sweeter buds out there. Served with a macaroon it features gin, maraschino cherry, some almond syrup and looks like a date-night winner. Next time I am going to indulge in the Prohibition Punch which sounds so good it could be illegal. 

Don’t miss Bobby’s Free next time you are in Barcelona! Clues are supplied below….. 

Calle Pau Haris, 85 

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