Stumbling upon The Clumsies

21 Aug, 2018

A small brass doorbell was the only sign that we had stumbled upon The Clumsies. Sleuthing out Athen’s coolest covert bar took us into new territory. An area begging for further exploration that would hit the list for another day. 

The Clumsies is a dawn to dark bar that basks in sunbeams during the day while chilling in perfectly chosen lighting by night. The name may conjure images of gawky and blundering efforts  that would be the polar opposite of the reality within The Clumsies. The label was chosen for the two owners who apparently are prone to the odd moment of gracelessness. Although you will find no evidence of that in the professionalism and quality of this quirky establishment. Alchemy meets charm in this space that suggests a long linger.

Just to add to the sense of detection the menu is only legible once illuminated by a torch. There the impossible possibilities of mixology glow in the dark. A real page-turner for the adventurous, the propositions are categorised in step with the rooms in The Clumsie home. The Basement where “fresh ingredients meet fermentation and honour worldwide wellness trends”, so imagine Tequila and Mezcal teamed with Kombucha Cola and Lime. On The Main Floor things look only a tiny bit more familiar being “All those flavours that our guests love revamped into popular recipes.” Here we found the delectable Patron’s Martini with Blanco Tequila, Lustau Amontillado Sherry, Sweet Red Pepper, Beetroot and Hops as well as Popeye & Olive flexing their biceps with Bombay Sapphire Gin, Mint, Green Apple, Green Olive and Spinach (of course). Yet it is in The Playroom where the Clumsies get crazy showcasing their award winning ways with “Unusual combinations with an experimental touch. Here, you never know what to expect”. This is a playground for your inner toddler with the toys to allow you to run amok. Dabble with the Hippocampus Summer, a sunshiny blend of Bacardi Heritage Rum, Mango, Kiwi and Sunscreen Aroma or get all grown-up with Coffee Moonshine that merges Bourbon, Sherry, Sesame, Unusual Coffee and Tonic Water. 

Despite their international acclaim, The Clumsies’ feet are modestly on the ground even if their heads are in the clouds. And they have one irreplicable ingredient; the magic of Greek hospitality. 

Be very sure to uncover The Clumsies when you are in Athens.

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