12 Oct, 2016

What’s not to love about a Bar called Decadente? Upscale but understated, hip yet friendly, special though casual and as high on taste as aesthetics. Housed in the former residence of the Swiss ambassador, this is an elegant space full of charm and a distinct sense of occasion. So much so that the moment called for a first date with a Ginjinha Royale. Love at first sip. Ginjinha is a favoured and typical Portuguese liqueur made from sour cherries. When mixed with sparkling wine, the resultant “royale” delivers a fresh zing and a spectacular interplay between sour and sweet. My new drinking buddy felt satisfyingly suitable for a lunchtime tipple in the dappled sunshine of Decadente’s courtyard. While hydration was an easy choice, the chef had created a conundrum of a menu. Make sure to over-order, indulge, have fun and schedule an afternoon nap.

Lick your lips over these…. Salad de Verão , perfectly balanced mixed lettuce leaves with smoked salmon, figs, orange and vinaigrette. The Bõlero, so delicious I almost inhaled it, a salted corncake with vegetables, sundried tomato and Azorean cheese. The Pica-Pau is an unmissable double garlic hit featuring beef strips with sautéed garlic and garlic & lemon sauce. Carpaccio de Bacalhau, a delicately delicious mélange of codfish tenderloin carpaccio with rose pepper, black olive dust and wild rocket. And finally the seabass ceviche with leche de tigre, avocado, sweet potato, coriander and hot pepper.

Rua de São Pedro de Alcântara 81, 1250-238 Lisboa, Portugal
(Bairro Alto / Príncipe Real)
T: +351 21 346 13 81
F: +351 21 347 84 02

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