The Raft

26 Sep, 2016

A dedicated jetty leads to The Raft, an oversized patchwork of ramshackle charm set on stilts with two hundred and seventy degree water views. Walking the planks to the entrance, there is a distinct feeling of being set adrift in this most quirky bar. Once in the cosy cabin which boasts a fire on cool days, the ambiance is warm with a friendly crew and carefree passengers. The menu covers garlic prawn starters to platters to bring a sparkle to the eyes of carnivores.

A unique and ever-changing setting as this coastline of Namibian is famous for its four seasons on repeat in a day. Walvis Bay’s notorious sea fog sometimes envelopes The Raft giving it an otherworldly, ghostly caste that is almost reminiscent of the phantom ships from nautical folklore. Yet on the mostly sunny days, The Rafts beckons as the perfect craft from which to spend a lazy afternoon sipping Namibia’s fine beer. Flamingos, pelicans and dolphins pose photographically in almost every sunset.

The Raft Restaurant


The Lagoon

Walvis Bay
Tel: +264 64 204877

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