20 Jul, 2016

A botanical gallery filled with bespoke bouquets is the cover for this particular surprise. Fabulous floral art that in no way prepares the unsuspecting or unresearched for what lies through the back door. A long brick vaulted tunnel leads to an 11foot high, upended breakdancing bunny lacquered in high shine “Icy Grape” (a now discontinued spray paint colour much beloved and sought after by graffiti artists). Beyond bunny, wild juxtapositions of contemporary street art await and demand your attention while playfully drawing a smile or two. You have entered Vandal, a two story cavernous crazy space that is cunningly designed to feel intimate.

Sitting knee-to-knee with our drinking buddies in the bar had a conviviality that is mirrored throughout the venue from lounge to restaurant to garden and private rooms. Each one satisfyingly engaging and filled with candy for the eye and the conversation. The cocktail categorisation is inspired. Marry them to your mood of the day either Bright, Spiced or Barrel-aged. The “Last Bite” is a Bright made with Jaegermeister, the botanist gin, Antica vermouth, angostura bitters and lime Tip your head back and drain every last drop.

The menu is a mondial casserole reflective of a globe-trotting chef and is full of delicious surprises that beg for sharing to maximise the exploring. Some items may require a discreet google or a list of questions for your friendly server but this is the venue to be adventurous and let your tastebuds travel from east-to-west across a few plates.


199 Bowery , New York, 10002

Tel: (212) 400-0199

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