An Outrage of Modesty

24 May, 2016

The business of conjuring cocktails is taken with scientific seriousness in this apothecary meets Japanese lounge. Sit down to a unique drinking experience and say hi five to all five senses. The sense of touch warps the thematic twists and turns of this crazy bar as your fingertips uncurl a butter soft roll of leather to reveal the menu embossed on the inside. Of taste there is no doubt, one is charmed and assaulted and ultimately seduced into wanting more. The sights are surprising and pleasing to say the least and demand an honest response that can be discussed and developed over a few vessels of pure chemistry. Sounds play a supporting role and are as eclectic as the crowd and the concept within which you find yourself immersed. The cocktail chef deeply understands the sense of smell and its emotional possibilities so much so that there is a drink named Perfume. Your first sip will be prefaced by a spritz of something to alter and enhance the experience. You will meet none of the usual cocktail suspects here. In fact not even the types of alcohol or brands can be revealed lest they prejudice your choices. Patrons are gently coerced to go with their flavour leanings and leave the rest to the experts in the aprons. One sip of that fine Salty Dog complete with kelp, coastal figs and lemon verbena and all my thoughts turned immodestly to what to order next and how soon to plan a return visit.

This is a secret bar with no signage. Only a faintly sprayed graffiti patch on the pavement (“OoM”) and a suitably ear-pieced bouncer reveal that you have arrived. Make sure to call ahead to make a reservation as an adventure this profound can only be undertaken seated. In case you’re thinking OoM sounds all too pretentious, you can rest assured that no sniff or whiff of exclusivity is evident from the friendly, down-to-earth team whose genuine concern is your enjoyment of their crafted cocktails. Glancing up at the giant image of a tattooed JFK and Jackie presiding presidentially over the proletariat, I felt like an insider included into a merry band of explorative imbibers.

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Conjuring of cocktails happens Tuesdays to Saturdays from 6pm until Late

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