The Breakfast Serial

28 Apr, 2016

Liquorice & Lime is a beloved local with a fervent following. An epic picture window frames the postcard view while the love of coffee borders on the positively obsessive. The menu has the happiest blend of healthy and hungry and hungover.
162 Kloof Street, 021 4236921

Manna Epicure demands big shades, floaty fabrics, nice shoes and a general sniff of sophistication. The signature breakfast with two eggs any style, smoked salmon trout and avocado on coconut bread will start any kind of day on a high note.
151 Kloof Street, 021 4262413

Café Paradiso is just across the road and almost the polar opposite in vibe. Anything goes in this bohemian paradise. Bring an unruly kid, dog or boyfriend, enjoy a cigarette in the designated smoking area of the garden, check out everyones’ tattoos and plan your next one, order a mojito and soak in the dreamy Table Mountain view. Eat the scrambled with rosti, avocado and feta salad.
110 Kloof Street, 021 423 8653

The Company’s Garden Restaurant is a gem peopled by all from upscale lawyers to ladies who lunch to students to tourists and frazzled toddler minders. Great coffee in an oasis of greenery coupled with a crowd pleasing menu items makes for happy days. The service is friendly and efficiently laid-back. Truly for the people by the people.
15 Queen Victoria Street, 021 423 2919

At Giulio’s Café, stylish decor complements an innovative menu with magnetising options. My eyes locked onto the Avo On Toast. Not as every day as it sounded, this treat was piled high with Avocado, Fresh Cherry tomatoes, Coriander, a hint of Chilli and an optional Poached Egg. The choices are wide, interesting and agonisingly difficult to make. How can you not order the La Colazione featuring Poached Egg, Crispy Bacon, Pork Apple & Sage Banger, Balsamic Roasted Tomatoes, Flat Mushrooms, wilted Spinach, smoked Paprika Beans and Toast of your Choice? Equally it would be rude to ignore Nonna’s Eggs, Scrambled with Parmesan on a Toasted Croissant alongside Baby Spinach, Bacon and Balsamic Roasted Tomatoes. And simply wicked to miss the American-style pancakes.
16 Loop Street, 021 418 6304

Lazari is more about the human bean than being seen. This unpretentious hubbub of humanity radiates good vibes and invites a long hunker down over excellent coffee with lower-abdominal-rumbling-inducing breakfast options. Slick service yet with an unhurried ambiance brings the locals back day after day and lingering Sunday after Sunday. Bring a rugrat, a furkid or even a grandpa to indulge in the friendly deliciousness at this busy City Bowl intersection. Take a trip or a skip down childhood lane and finish off with one of their famously frivolous pink cupcakes (now available in a sugar and gluten-free option).

Corner of Upper Maynard and Vredehoek Ave, 021 461 9865

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