The sin bin

3 Nov, 2015

Look no further than the Seven Deadly Sins. An assortment of Jerry’s original burgers covering gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy, pride, greed and lust. I saw my name on more than one of these incredible temptations. One patty rolled into two creates a pocket inside which is then stuffed with the goods. Greed is fittingly overstuffed with chorizo and roasted tomato and then topped with bacon, cheddar cheese and an egg. Pride, as one would expect, is pretentiously filled with camembert and a port and berry reduction, and crowned with rocket and tomato relish. Envy is a burger to draw green-eyed looks from your friends and the neighbouring tables. This beauty is stuffed with pecan nuts and blue cheese and finished off with caramelised apple and bacon. Wrath comes with a sting in the tail. This angry young patty is packed with matured habanero, tomato relish and cheddar cheese and piqued with cottage cheese and slaw. Too lazy or too hungry to read the whole menu? Go with the Sloth. The philosophy of this happy-go-lucky burger is why go to the trouble of re-inventing a winning formula. Loaded with cheddar cheese and jalapeño, capped with bacon and avo; this is a predictable but indulgent spoil. The menu features many more suggestions in burgers and dogs but the seven deadly are definitively the signature misdemeanours.

All Jerry’s burgers lie upon fresh, bouncy brioche buns and are joined by handfuls of the tastiest skinny fries. There are some green things on the menu but it feels deeply inappropriate to look at them.

Hooch on the other hand happily covers four pages. From craft to cocktails, shooters to sauvignons, this is a selection by the people for the people and can be delivered by bottle, by glass, by shot or by jug. Consider starting with Jerry’s roots by downing an Obz Bru.

Look for trouble at
Jerry’s Burger Bar
5 Park Road (off Kloof Street)
021 4224415

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