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3 Jul, 2015

Joining Cape Town Free Walking Tours as a tourist in my own city was a voyeuristic experience. A wonderful casserole of cultures from all corners of the globe with the guide and I being the only Kaapies. Australians, Asians and Americans held onto every word as Paul expertly covered the history of the BoKaap complete with anecdotes past and present.

As we passed the Long Street Wale Street intersection, Paul told us about the famous party street but promised to show us Long Street for grown ups.

So after a fascinating and entertaining 90 minutes spent in the BoKaap and surrounds, our guide was true to his word. At the corner of Bree and Shortmaket Streets, he drew his attentive flock of pedestrians to attention. “This, people”, he declared “is Long Street for grown-ups, it is called Bree Street. It is more mature and by more mature I don’t mean old, I mean responsible.”

And within a few metres were a few of Bree Street’s gems

Chefs Warehouse & Canteen
The dream destination for all amateur aspirant cooks as well as those who simply like to be fed.

Bizerca Bistro
Sensational season creations by Laurent

Dorrance Winery
A unique urban wine cellar producing delectable wines in the French traditional style.

La Parada
Hydrate with the finest cocktails, re-fuel on Patatas Bravas

And the award-winning burger joint, upstairs at 103 Bree Street
Inside & You’re Out Burger Shop

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