The Open Door

9 Jun, 2015

The door is almost always open at The Open Door. A brand new Constantia eatery that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. True to its name, The Open Door has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that invites long lingering breakfasting, some serious lunching and very leisurely dining. The Open Door’s very quick-to-open door (a fabulous glass mechanised affair) swoops you in with a celebrity swish to the very grand looking bar. A restaurant with a bar for pre-dinner drinks is a rare and desirable discovery. While there is nothing wrong with a long night seated at the trough, a preliminary mingle is always a good thing.

Smart use of colour, soft furnishing and clever room styling mean that this expanse is truly versatile. The décor and interior design of The Open Door is cleverly crafted for romantic and convivial night-time ambiance with light and bright daytime energy. There are quirky and original touches that yield a sophisticated and appealing finished product. The food however looks like it will be the real crowd magnet. This is a menu that says dish-envy and i-will-have-to-be-back-for… Half of our table ordered the lamb neck with artichoke and garlic. Just one timorous touch by a fork rendered this most tender of dishes to fall apart and sigh eat-me. And eat it they did, silently, reverently and with no offers to taste or share the abundant portion. Fortunately our other choices were equally delectable. The open mushroom lasagne with vichyssoise sauce and crispy parmesan is a euphoric choice even for committed carnivores. With no evidence of Denny buttons, this dish rests on the exotica thereby delivering a fecund and robust taste. The beetroot risotto with goat’s cheese, fennel and orange peel was a happy, colourful, comfortable and button loosening delicious dish. Thirsty work yet fortunately the wines do not disappoint. Neil (the co-owner) has crafted a wine list that is as befitting as you would expect from the Chairman of the South African Sommelier Association. From the familiar to the true finds, this is a selection designed for quality and exploration. We all planned to return for more and to reconnoitre the breakfast menu perhaps with a glass of MCC.

The Open Door
021 794 3010
Reservations are essential

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