“Your Cup of Love is on its Way”

16 Mar, 2015

Charming and disarming.

At the new restaurant in the Company’s Garden

Whether you are a stressed suit, a frazzled toddler minder, a chilled out traveller, an intrepid explorer, a lady who lunches, a free-spirited freelancer or a time-is-money professional, The Company’s Garden Restaurant & Hope gets you.

Previously a shabby and unrealised tea room, the restaurant is now a shining jewel in the crown of the Madame Zingara team. Some seemingly unnecessary controversy followed the Zingara take-over, most notably haggling over a proposed new name but also concerns that the restaurant would lose its proletariat status and become inaccessible to the people. Yes, the toasted cheese is now R40 when previously it may have been R25 but what a toasted cheese! Delivered on a huge bread board, atop freshly baked bread of your choice, generously over filled and amply supported by the perfect fistful of french fries, this is a meal to take you far. The menu is truly by the people for the people served by the people. Think scones and koeksisters for tea, scrambled, full, french and more for breakfast, over stuffed gourmet sandwiches, salads for real people (low-on-lettuce, high on everything else), platters, burgers and pasta. The Gardener’s Table has recently started and will feature delectable daily dishes, freshly baked breads and greens from the garden. The fresh and ready to eat concept will no doubt be a winner for the busy and the not-so-busy alike.

If you have frequented any of the Madame Zingara restaurants before, a common denominator may start to become apparent. They are staffed by real humans and they are for real people, they are accessible, they are friendly, they are accommodating and they are not clones. Our first waiter was so much a young Vincent van Gogh that I wanted to beg him not to cut his ear off. Our next server was the palest, coolest rasta I have ever met and the front of house that day turned herself inside out to get us a great table even though we were on the waiting list. They deeply understand that sometimes coffee is urgent. The team have a empathetic cognisance of hurried business lunchers with an even stronger synergy for the long lingerers who are left to chill and soak up the laid back spirit of this historic landmark. A dedicated take-away zone is another light-bulb moment from those who conceptualised The Company’s Garden & Hope restaurant. Here you can order coffee from a humourful bunch of baristas as well as a great selection food that is undertaken to arrive in less than 15 minutes at the highest of peak times. Grab your loot from this crowd and head off to a shady bench in the gardens where you can share your spoils with the squirrels.

The restaurant space sprawls under ancient trees allowing patchworks of sunshine with enough shade and shine to make everyone smile. Chairs and tables are an eclectic yet comfortable mix from sofa’s to regular bistro styles. The highlight being two Morris chair inspired loungers complete with foot rests and side tables. The oversized hanging baskets on the perimeter are kid-magnets and are constantly alive with giggling activity. If you can wait your turn, your inner-kid is welcome to have a go. Order a take-away coffee, have the friendly front of house write up your place in the lunch time queue and take a quiet sway in an aerial basket. You may find yourself awakening just in time for sundowners which is definitely an option considering the people-friendly drinks list that covers everything from milkshakes to craft beer and a crowd-pleasing wine list. Just remember, the kitchen closes at 5pm and the venue closes at 6pm.

The cup of love arrives (delicious coffee, the Deluxe).

Who could fail to be charmed, except of course, if you had chosen unleaded. No Caffeine, No Love, Brother; remarked our blonde rasta server.


Find The Company’s Garden Restaurant & Hope within the Company’s Garden at 19 Queen Victoria Street.

Call them on 021 423 2919


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