Tiger’s Milk

16 Mar, 2015

Dude food for lumbersexuals on Muizenberg’s beach front

Yup, there were some lumbersexuals at Tiger’s Milk on Sunday. You can spot them quite easily wearing regular cut jeans, in regular washes, with checked shirts and unkempt facial hair. They are also likely to be chowing down on one of Tiger Milk’s mega-burgers or sizeable steaks with chips and bun. Lumbersexuals are the antitheses to metrosexuals. They are not pretty and they are not banting. CTM is a tile shop to lumbersexuals and a beauty regime to metrosexuals (cleanse, tone and moisturise). Metrosexuals believe that CTM is the 1,2,3 of Clinique (cleanse, tone and moisturise) while lumbersexuals know that it as a favourite for tiles and taps.

Tiger’s Milk is a real joint for real people. Retro ads paper the curved walls as the staircase leads you into a space that rocks vintage cool. Benches and bar tables give way to standard seating and a long counter with the best view in the south pen. Once you are seated, you will not want to move again for the longest time. Your synapses will sigh and say, “at last someone understands me”. Your soul will demand to be fed by the fabulous view. But first the essentials, will it be a cocktail, a craft beer or a bottle of wine from the popularist wine list? Addressing the menu is a serious business. It is described by the owners as “top notch dude food” and we that this genre makes it super difficult for the hungry to chose. Everything had my name on it. We worked our way through snails, grilled calamari with salsa verde, rib-eye steak, the charcuterie platter and the pizza of the day. Every dish was generously portioned and proclaimed perfection with the pizza of the day getting special mention as an inspired idea. There is only one so it has been given the attention it deserves. Beautifully crafted with abundant and balanced toppings upon a suitably crispy base. The baked goods looked delectable so popping in for a coffee and sweet treat may also be a great option although you may find yourself staying for sundowners.

Tiger’s Milk has a magnetic atmosphere, food to please dudes and dudettes alike and I want to live there.

“Better to live one year as a tiger than a hundred as a sheep”, Madonna


Tiger’s Milk

Corner of Beach and Sidmouth Roads


021 788 1869


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