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5 Mar, 2015

Sleep No More

A sensory feast that will touch all five.

Suspend your inhibitions and immerse yourself. A hybrid of something David Lynch-like meets Macbeth in the style of Eyes Wide Shut. The action takes place across a few floors and in the expanse of the McKittrick Hotel. Adding to the sense of suspended reality, the audience wear white masks, the ushers wear black with black masks while the cast remain unmasked. No bags, cameras or telephones are allowed and it is difficult to wear glasses over the mask which led to an even more eery gloom for the myopic. Follow the action up and down staircases, in and out of rooms and expect some gore and nudity.

The actor’s talents across a few disciplines are showcased in many scenes from the gymnastics of the bar fight to the evocative songs and the authenticity of the death by pillow suffocation. Starting with an absinthe cocktail, it became apparent that some altered states would be involved. From chills of cold and creepiness to blood-curling screams, this is a sensory immersion set in the most surprising of venues. Livingrooms, bars, shops, forests, graveyards, bathrooms and bedrooms are recreated in perfect authenticity and span 3 or 4 floors. As you follow the unfolding action, expect some breast beating moments, some fun, some beauty, some eye-candy, some action and an atmosphere that is sometimes grippingly sinister. Expect too that your aching leg muscles will remind you of the experience the next day. Sleep No More is like nothing else you have ever experienced, unlike anything you will ever experience again and should not be missed.

Book through their website: sleepnomorenyc.com


A new Show called WAYRA at the Darryl Roth Theatre on Union Square.

A fabulous hour of eye-popping entertainment. A dance-show where the action takes place on the walls, in the middle of the audience and even in an overhead swimming pool all set in a club-like space. Wildly talented acrobatic performers will make sure your jaws drop, your eyes pop and your neck cricks. It finished with a D-J hooting a horn, brandishing a fireman’s hose while spraying members of the audience who were enthusiastically jostling for position in the line of fire. Energetic, original and amplifying!

Book through their website: http://www.fuerzabrutanyc.com

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