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18 May, 2016

If you are like me, you prefer to live like a local wherever you travel. I have perfected that hybrid of reams of research meets that nonchalant air of “I belong and I know where I am going”. So much so that locals ask me for directions. For alwaysjumpingneverlanding to book a tour, spans the spectrum from unheard of to rare. Yet as my New York friend pronounced “thats the coolest tourist thing that I have ever heard of….”!

New York Photo Safari did indeed pan out to be a marvellous mélange of local knowledge, expert advice and an extremely worthwhile three hours of fun, chatting, information sharing and friendliness. Pitch up with an iPhone, a Point-’n-Shoot or a Nikon-of-Note and your professional guide will not only help you use your device of choice more effectively but will share some super secret location shots that will blow the hair back of all those at home on Facebook and Instagram. Of the many workshop options, my choice was iconic New York Part 2 which covered the all time greats such as Grand Central Terminal, the Chrysler Building and Times Square as daylight turned to dusk. Coming away with megabytes of magnificent images of my favourite buildings, this was one hundred and eighty minutes that passed in a flash but filled a flash-drive of memorable shots. Not only that but we chatted in-depth to a totally cool local who while dishing out shooting tips and angle advantages shared insights into life as a New Yorker. We promised to stay in focus….


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